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Design thinking


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Design thinking


Water crises in Africa

In desert areas where water pumping facilities are installed for the common good, it is necessary to harness the population and maintain the standard over the years. How do you harness the community?

How is the information communicated to the community?

A joint project with Tom Ginsberg as part of the Design Thinking course, fourth year, Shenkar


450 million people in Africa do not have access to clean water

עותק של

The average African woman walks about 9.5 kilometers to collect 18 liters of water every day

עותק של 2.gif

Millions of women spend about 3-6 hours walking every day collecting water from distant and contaminated sources

עותק של 3.gif

Women in Africa spend an average of 200 million hours collecting water every day

The problem

We chose to focus on the women in africa.

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We started with a research on the way women carrying water, which instrument they use and on what condition.

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The world of the women in Africa revolves around the water.

They leave early in the morning for a distant place, encounter obstacles and return after an exhausting journey to their family with water that is not always suitable for drinking.

Every day they repeat this journey just to make sure that there will be water at home.

But this is not the only challenge they facing, they also need to carry the water with their bodies, especially on their heads.

image 121.png

But who recognizes them?

Do they get the respect they deserve for the tremendous efforts they invest day after day?

Mostly we want that these special women, who sacrifice themselves every day for their families, will be recognized.

They are an inspiration and a source for admiration.

Visual language inspirations

The design inspiration for the project came from the women and their products - from baskets, pottery, agriculture and more

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The solution

In collaboration with Innovation: africa we have developed a new line of designed bottles inspired by the African women.

Our goal is to spread the word, raise awareness of the challenges these women are face on a daily basis and help them, even a little bit.

Woman carrying water jug.jpeg

For every purchase of an AQUARICA bottle, one woman in Africa receives a special carrier to carry water easily and efficiently.

Target Audience

Our target audience are people from the western world who are interested in products that are more aesthetic and designed and often they are disconnected from whats happening in Africa and other countries.

Our target client would like to buy things online wisely while his purchase support people in need.

Symbols & Colors

The patterns and colors we use in our design and characterize the company are made from symbols that contain the values of the society in Africa

Frame 32.png
Frame 46.png


By looking at our logo you can see the average African women who carrying so much on her head.

the logo is meant to highlight this woman and in some way empower her.

image 1300.png

The solution - Africa-inspired product from the beginning to end

Frame 47.png

All the materials, starting with the bottle itself to the cork are from materials that are made or used in Africa and are recyclable.

Frame 49.png

The bottle and its packaging are manufactured in a factory that employs workers from different villages in Africa in order to provide them a source of livelihood and allow them to support themselves.

Frame 48.png

The designs and patterns that appear on the bottles and characterize the entire brand are inspired by the African tradition.

Cork from the remnants of the material from which baskets are made in Africa

Textures inspired by African symbols and craft products

Comfortable silicone handle for grip

The product

AQUARICA bottle allow you to take it with you wherever life takes you

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0אריזה חומה בהירה05.png
אריזה סגולה פתוחה.png
אריזה כחולה פתוחה.png
אריזה ירוקה פתוחה.png
אריזה חומה4.png
אריזה חומה14.png

The box is arranged in reading order from left to right.

At first you will see to where your donation has arrived. The specific village of the women who received the carrier is marked. This is a way to express gratitude to the buyer and remind him of his contribution with the purchase.

On the back, the brand details are again indicated - where, by whom it is made, from what materials and where the inspiration comes from.

Bottle package

0אריזה חומה בהירה05.png
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