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Digital Product


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Digital Product


Agriculture on steroids
In the future, the consumption of fruits and vegetables will change its face and become more aware, accurate and not wasteful.
Everyone will have their own home garden in which they will grow the crops they need and most importantly, will be able to control the rate of growth and the amount in each and every crop.

The user will have access to his home garden and will be able to add a new crop straight from the app

The quality is no longer interesting, what stands in front of the user is the quantity, the juiciness and the freshness

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The user will be able to see the details of each crop and the his environment

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Favorites page

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When he wants to make changes in growth rate or quality he can do it manually or automatically when he sets a date for the harvest destination

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Manual changes

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Alert on crop problem

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Alert when the crop is ready to be harvested

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